Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Bill Presing from Pixar - Interview

This is the link for an interesting interview with Bill Presing

Seriously I found this really inspiring. I have an interest in trying to get into Storyboarding, and to find this fantastic opportunity to see what a skilled storyboarder from Pixar Studios says about his experience is just amazing for me. this is right up my street.

There are so many things I have discovered about the industry that have opened my eyes. He also gave me a handy tip about how to improve your storyboarding skills, and that is:

Take a movie you really like. Then choose your favourite scene from that film. Then playe that scene, but pause it at every significant key frame. Then draw out what you see

This way, I can identify what makes the scene good, and i can use this knowledge for future projects.

Okay I havent quite finished watching the interview, so I might add to this post if I find anything else worth mentioning about the interview on here.


edit: Okay other tips Bill gave for aspiring storyboarders is that you have to be able to:
  • Stage well
  • Have a sense of acting
  • Emote - draw what the character is thinking
  • Draw a lot - "If you think you draw a lot, you need to draw more. It isn't enough!"
  • Be as clear as possible
Also, here's his blog if you're interested

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