Monday, 23 November 2009


I saw a really interesting interview of Nick Park on Youtube, which I thought was definitely worth sharing.

I also found an interesting article in The Times' "Playlist" magazine which featured the Shaun the sheep tv series for children.

Both Nick Park and the article mention the use of silicone rubber as a substitute to the traditional plasticine. As you can see when reading the article, Gareth Owen states:
Silicone is very resilient and provides us with a puppet that can put up with being pushed and pulled around by our animators for a year!

I think this is kind of important for our progress in our project. Should Tom and I be concerned with this transition Aardman have made? Should we worry ourselves about adding textures like fingerprints to make the characters look like they have been made in plasticine? Or should we not go into that much detail?

The Mudbox program has been a godsend in many ways. I feel that it has made modeling a whole lot more enjoyable. When on the application, I feel like I am actually making a real clay model. And I think Mudbox has given that claymation feel to our characters that we desire. Is that enough though? This is a question I will ponder over for the next few days.

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