Monday, 23 November 2009

Videos used for development - Research into dynamic character design and movement

(post dated Saturday, 31 October 2009)

Hey guys! Sorry about the long absence. Have been busy doing some stuff, as you do.

I wanted to take a moment to upload some vid clips that have inspired me, in terms of working out Wilhemina's character.

Old Birds is a storyboarded short by Brandokay that shows the struggle between two elderly ladies. I really like the look of the old women in this. They also show a quality that I want Wilhemina to have - youthful vigor

BANZAI - Old Lady Wheelchair Chicken Challenge isn't animated, but this youtube clip gave me the idea of giving Minnie "limited" mobility. When watching this, I really enjoyed seeing how these lovely ladies are having an epic battle, even though they are rather unthreatening. In a way, I am aiming to do the opposite with Minnie. I want her to look like a softy, but actually be quite formidable.

Two Soups is another film clip, this time of a skit acted out by the incredibly talented Julie Walters. The way she acts and walks in this is very amusing and unique. It has made me realise that I need to think hard about how Minnie needs to walk. I'm not sure whether that is the kind of walking style I want Minnie to have, especially since her legs are rather short.

Pixar's Up is a film I saw recently. Cor, what a beautiful film. Carl Fredricksen was basically Minnie in male form. He is an old man trying to go on an adventure despite his frailness. That's exactly what I want Minnie to be like. That film was a real eye-opener for me.

Sword In The Stone's Mad Madam Mim is such a genius character. I bought the DVD of that film recently and was in awe of the strength of her character, and how it come across using expressive animation. She's a good example of a character you love to hate.

Penguin's Christmas Mission by Dreamworks is a short sequal to the film Madagascar. It stars penguins that come to blows with a vicious granny. The grandma in this clip is a little too extreme for my liking, but I would like Minnie to be a more diluted version of her. I also really like her walk cycle. That shuffle is just brilliant. Another point of reference for my own character, methinks.

(ARGH the text seems to have glitched for some reason. Can't seem to make it look normal - I'm sorry!)

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