Monday, 23 November 2009

Colour Palettes

(post dated Monday, 26 October 2009)

Yep. I'm still drawing away. I'm getting pretty close to doing my final character sheet now. I know what Wilhemina is gonna look like now, and I've got a rough idea of which colours I want her to have. I used to give me a hand. I mainly played with pinks, greys and purples, but I also tried some green, navy and brown tinges. Here are the results I got when I searched for "old lady" on the site:

I'll scan and upload my colour study I did on A3 paper. I also had a quick look at a colour wheel, to see which colour should be contrasted with pinky purple colours. I think Zoo keepers generally wear uniform with green colours, so I was interested to see if that would match with Minnie's colours.

As you can see, pinky purple lies directly opposite a lovely earthy green. I'll see what Tom says, but that looks like a promising colour combination.


I should also make note that we decided to give our characters limitations to their designs, so that they would have to express themselves differently. For instance, I decided that Wilhemina Biliams didn't need big eyes to express emotion. Instead I exaggerated her wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. This enables her to show emotions in a way that takes advantage of her age. Tom has also decided to give Wee Eck a moustache that partially covers his mouth. This means that his character's tash will have to change shape in order to convey emotion.

I think these limitations have made our characters better because of this.

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