Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Storyboard Ideas For Animations

Okay, as far as our modeling, rigging and texturing is concerned, we still have a lot of problems. However, I still wanted to do some sketches of possible animation ideas if we are able to animate our characters. I wanted to show Minnie's freakish strength and anger issues, and Wee Eck's endearing and humourous personality.

I think both show Minnie being a little too violent, but I think it would give us an opportunity to give her some really dynamic movement.

The first one shows Minnie's hat being knocked off by Wee Eck's broom...

... And the second one shows Wee Eck teasing Minnie by stealing her hat. This results in her punching him in the stomach (ow!)

I think I like the second one best, though I'm not sure whether Wee Eck is the kind of character who would playfully tease someone he has just met in his workplace. I just like the way the frames flow.

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