Friday, 27 November 2009

Screenshots of Rigging

There's some damn freaky pictures right here.

Well, we managed to rig the old granny using Puppet Master. It's a program that makes rigging a bit simpler to do. You type in the right names for the right parts of the rig, and the program configures it for you. Sometimes it makes a few mistakes, but they can easily be sorted out. Pictured above is the final model with the rigging in place.

The rig came out fine, but it desperately needed weighting...
Check out these pictures. They show the severe distortion of the model when I tried moving the different controls


Scary huh?

So when I tried to transfer the Maya file for what it had done onto a memory device, it failed. I realized that the Maya file was exactly 81,000kb. That is one massive file!

I figured that it would be virtually impossible to work on something of this magnitude. There are so many polys in this model, and the way Mudbox has placed them has made it very difficult to work further on her.

So I've decided that I will end my progress there. I will now write an analysis of my work on this project. Check ya later!

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