Monday, 23 November 2009

Mudbox Again

Here's our glamorous lady once again. She has limbs now, but Mudbox doesn't seem to like me adding a lot of detail to them, which is immensely frustrating. However, she is taking shape and I'm rather proud of the old girl.

Problems I've had with Mudbox:
Well, like I said, the limbs have been modeled from the body, and the body was modelled from the head, so I'm wondering whether that's why the legs and arms are not wanting to be modelled properly. I have a feeling this will cause problems when trying to rig her. I'm going to keep going though. I might just take her into Maya and add the legs and arms roughly in that program instead. Tom also gave me the idea of giving her mittens instead of fingers. I think this is a very bright plan, since her fingers look nothing like fingers at the moment.
Her hair also caused me some grief. I had a lot of trouble trying to make it look good in 3D. The way I had drawn her hair in sketches was very 2 Dimensional, so translating that into 3D was hard. Despite this, we managed to get her hair looking good, whilst trying to maintain that nice swirly feel to it.

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