Thursday, 26 November 2009

Very Slow Progress

I'll try and upload some snapshots of my failed attempts to rig Wilhemina a bit later. But first, here's a storyboard of an animation I was thinking if doing if I get to animate Minnie in Maya. Similarly to the previous storyboards I did, I wanted to show Minnie's strength and determination when chided by something.

This shows Minnie searching for her hat. She is startled by a monkey that descends from above with her precious hat. She steals it back roughly and places the hat back on her head as if it were a crown.

The way things have been going, I seriously doubt I will be able to animate this in 3D. However, if this is the case, I will do a quick sketchy animation based on this storyboard. If I have time, I might try and do an animation based on one of the other storyboards aswell. I'm going to attempt to use a program called Toonboom, which my tutor Mike has recommended. I have a bit of experience with Flash, so using Toonboom shouldn't be too difficult. I think they're both pretty similar. I'll let you know how that

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